Brother. Dearest.

What a great poem, based on a great book.

The Princess Bard

Catherines poem for MichaelYou left me here all alone

Barely grown

And you have gone

Leaving me to go on

No more picnics

No more poems

No more smiles

No more home

I am the last of the family

That is it

Just me


And crying

Part of my heart dying

With you not by my side

They said that you died

Without pain and without strife

But how can that be when someone ended your life

The knife to your heart

Also pierced mine

And no I am not fine

I am not okay

Though that is what they want me to say

My brother is dead

My dearest is gone

And I am left here all alone

With no will to go on

A poem for a girl who lost her beloved brother. The last of her family. A poem for Catherine. The sweet girl has never had it easy…

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We’re not the same, you and me
Lost is the time when we could both see
the same path forward together,
and now the future seems like forever.

All the plans that we shared
all the dreams for which we cared
the joy and the pain,
taken from us for no gain.

Our love for one another is lost within
and we fear to search but must begin.
To find ourselves inside
is to heal each other outside.

There is no path in darkness
without light no progress
but through caring we light a beacon
and in sharing everything it can never weaken.

We’re all sharing an infinite container
and only collectively as neighbours
can we expand the light
and push back the night.